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Anytime I am out and about, my camera and lens are along for the ride. It is a fun hobby that I enjoy sharing with others. Hope you enjoy seeing what I see… .

If there is a BUY button under the photo - the image may be purchased. Not all images can be purchased.

Please do not use any image on a website you own, sell from,  or in any printable form  without express written content from me.

Affliate Policy 

Posts on this site may contain links to outside vendors that pay me a commission when you purchase from them, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting this site!

Pinterest & Social Media Clause

I give you permission to pin images directly from this site to your Pinterest boards or share via share buttons on this site to Facebook.    Even if you are a business or in tourism, that doesn’t matter to me. As long as you use a share button direct from the site, you are golden. Just do not use the photos on your websites without my written permission.

Creative Common Photos

There are pictures on the site that are used via creative commons (with permission granted to me) or websites that state the photos of nature-related plants and animals can be freely used.   For the main part, 98 percent of the photos are mine.  I try to state otherwise.  If YOU find something that needs my attention get in touch with me 920-569-9120.

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